keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

On the Cover of "Cat Fan" Magazine - Taidetta Kissafanin kannessa

Uusimmassa Kissafani-lehdessä juttua kissataiteestani sekä rakkaasta muusastani Kuningatar Mimmasta. Hae siis jouluksi kissamaista luettavaa hyvin varustetusta lehtipisteestä!
My art was featured in the latest issue of Cat Fan magazine in Finland. The article is about my cat art and of course about the life of my beloved purring muse, Her Highness, Queen Mimma :)

sunnuntai 8. joulukuuta 2013

Special Gifts & Home Decor for Christmas

Hey everyone! (Especially art fans in the USA)
If you want to get something really special for Christmas this year, go check out these beautiful products, made by a wonderful company called Indigo Art Services.

I feel extremely happy to be one of the artists there, and they really do a beautiful job with the products. All products are printed in the USA and all of us artists get our royalties from the sales, so these items are not mass-produced by some big faceless corporation.

I especially LOVE the cameo pendants, and now they have very special porcelain ornamets (like the one on the left), they look really beautiful. You can find my entire product selection HERE.

I wish everyone a happy December and Christmas season :)